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The lady I am

After a marathon of ‘No Strings Attached’, ‘Legally Blonde’, ‘Miss Congeniality’ and ‘Sex and the City'(yes, I did go down that hole and no it’s not that time of the month), there was nothing appropriate to write about. Who would have thought a chick flick marathon would have brought me back to this blog after three years!

Lets just begin with what I learnt from my movie marathon (yes, you learn lessons from chick flicks!) You can be blonde and brilliant or nerdy and pretty, but females can rarely make decisions without emotions. And guess what? Emotional decisions are the best decisions they make. One could argue that real life is not a chick flick and I completely agree (although, how I wish it was!) but I stand by my statement.

The point I am trying to make here is each one of us females should be proud of who we are and accpet all the things we feel rather trying to act like cold men( they are actually marshmallows deep inside but the macho act is to attract the ladies). Or worse, trying to become one by taking all the responsibilities of a man.

I know the world is all for feminism these days but if you call ‘being unemotional’ and ‘not cooking for your family’ feminism, consider me an aniti-femminist. You know why a wife or a mother should cook? Not because she is the weaker sex but because it brings the family together (which actually make her the stronger sex!). I am not saying cook even you don’t like it, cook no matter what, cook even you are back at 8.00 pm or that don;t wrok, wask and cook.What I am saying is, being a female  does not mean taking absolutely no responsibilty of your home. The power females hold has actually been forgotton by the feminist propaganda. She has the power and so a female’s presence is of utmost necessity in a home. Also, if being a feminist means, when I wait in long lines with a thousand men and if anyone offers me their spot, because of my gender, I should refuse it, no thanks, I am a happy anti feminist. God gave me slender legs to continue our race maybe but men can do the standing in line and waiting part.On one hand women love a gentlemen but dont give them a chance to be one.

What our society actually needs to learn is how to respect each other without being judemental of anything at all. Dont think she can’t do it, she can, but she has better and more important things to do.I am glad that some people are realising the sham “feminism” tries to sell (at least that is what my facebook news feed tell me). While I have babbled on about nothing in particular and yet evrything at once, I would like to finish by saying if this world could learn to respect each other, it would be a better place.Because, as far as I am concerned, respect rather than feminism would stop a man cat-calling, I think I should hit post before I decide what I have written is total crap and decide to delete the whole thing!

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Know how you feel while reading a good book’s climax? Just few days ago, I finished Sophie Kinsella’s ‘I have got your number’. I couldn’t put it down even for a second! That’s when it occurred to me! All the emotions we feel while reading a book…they surely must be called something (I don’t know if they are 😛 )….that’s when I decided to call them ‘book-o-tions’.

As many of you must know, reading a good book is a roller-coaster ride…at least for me it is. Never(or seldom) have I felt similar excitement than when reading a book¹. When you are reading a book,(unless you have read many books of the same genre by the same author and even then sometimes) there is no predicting the end. Not that nobody tries there hand at it(and I assure you, it’s a healthy practice). A lot of us come up with our own happy/ sad ending and sometimes that’s exactly what happens too! Yet the anticipation, the uncertainty of the direction the story might take keeps me on tenterhooks.The best part of it all is when I start reading something out loud, start laughing randomly, or start speaking to myself as a reaction to the story² ! The ups and downs makes my heart jump and honestly, that’s exactly what I enjoy most.

When I watch something, sure I do get overcome by emotions at times but not often. Romantic lines sound cheesy on TV while in writing they turn me to mush! Obviously though, not all books are as fetching. Some just don’t give you the satisfaction you were looking for and are a huge disappointment³. In the end, it all depends on the choice you make. Sometimes you have to pull up the courage and grab a book. It’s almost like choosing food you don’t know about and the uncertainty of how it might taste and whether it will be a waste of time and money. Like Sir Francis Bacon said :

Some books are to be tasted, others to be swallowed, and some few to be chewed and digested

Only thing is I am not so sure if he wanted me to swallow Sophie Kinsella’s book or chew and digest it! o.0 Anyway, advice is don’t judge the book by the cover. I know it’s against human nature (heck, I do it myself at times!) but we can always try!

¹ Well, I am deviant. Many of us are, I am sure ( self consolation). So instead of going completely off topic I decided to make footnotes and guess who did I learn this from…Sophie Kinsella! The reason for this particular one is I am too lazy to add that I love reading books too in my blog description so I made a footnote!

²Which reminds me…Once I was sitting in a class which a substitute teacher was monitoring. I took out a book to read (I think it was Harry Potter) and started laughing randomly at something I had read..out loud…I didn’t stop even after I had realized what I had done! The teacher had to shush me!

³Like the next Sophie Kinsella I read: Can you keep a Secret? It wasn’t a huge disappointment but it wasn’t amazing….You know, not up to my expectations.

To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.Ralph Waldo Emerson



Well, I don’t think there could have been a more fitting code for my first post. Although I started using Emerson quotes more after watching ‘White Collar’, he was always a favorite and this particular quote has been posted not to emphasize what this blog is going to be about, rather why it was created in the first place. To be yourself in the 21st century certainly isn’t a walk in the park but what better way to try than write your honest opinions, open for discussion, without the fear of oppression.

To be yourself …