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Smell Memory

I wash my hands at the sink, thinking that recently we have been using the “Lux Strawberry and Cream” hand wash too often when my sister comes in behind me and says ‘You know what this smell reminds me of?’ ‘What?’, I ask, curious.’Karan Kundra’ (now Karan Kundra is this Indian actor whose soap “Kitani Mohabbat Hai” was ongoing at the time and my sister and I were avid followers.) ‘Karan Kundra!’, I reply, incredulous ‘How does that remind you of him?’. ‘I don’t know …it just does…I simply associate this smell with him’

‘How can you do that? You watch him on TV! You have no idea how he smells …how can you just make an association?’

However, we leave that conversation there. It’s that day and today….I have always associated the smell with Karan Kundra…even though initially I didn’t want to. It was completely unconscious…but the next time I used the hand wash(which was recently after
a long time),I found myself automatically thinking about Karan and the whole soap…I even had an urge to start singing the theme song…Unfortunately I couldn’t remember the lyrics…which, by the way, I made a point of finding out and yes,I did finally end
up singing the whole song to myself…in my horrible voice…thank God no-one was present!



A med-student in her early 20's sharing her ups and downs and basically life as it happens :)

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